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Cotswold Gliding Club

The Cotswold Gliding Club was formed in 1964 and initially the club was based at Long Newton airfield near Tetbury. In 1967 the club moved to its current home, Aston Down near Stroud in Gloucestershire.

Club Fleet.
The club's fleet of aircraft is maintained to a high standard and includes two brand new PW6-U dual seat trainers, two Ka13 dual seat trainers, a DG500T advanced trainer, two Ka8s for early solo pilots, plus a Pilatus B4 and an Astir for more experienced pilots. All our gliders have similar instrumentation and are equipped with audio variometers. Privately owned motor gliders based at Aston Down are available for club members to do field landing and cross country endorsement checks.

Trial Lessons. At Cotswold Gliding Club we can offer you this exhilarating opportunity. Once airborne you can savour this unique perspective on the Cotswolds whilst experiencing the thrill and excitement of soaring through the air. 
“I didn’t even know what a glider was before I went on a Trial Lesson – it was an experience like nothing I have done before – absolutely fantastic!”

How to arrange a trial lesson.

When you buy a trial lesson from us you will receive a voucher that you can give to the recipient. We send this out by first class post, usually within one working day. The person taking the flight can then contact our office to book their lesson at a time convenient to themselves.

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